Classic Investment Cars - (Directions)

Classic Investment Cars main viewing location is only just  minutes away from the Louisville International Airport.

Location Louisville, KY

Business Office/Logistics - Boston, MA

Travel arrangements for can be made via Southwest Airlines. ( Louisville International Airport (SDF)

For personal aircraft inquires, please contact, Staniford Airfield, in Louisville, KY, for further details and flight information.

Here at Classic Investment Cars, one of our top-level Executives will be more than happy to meet your arrival at the gate.

At either Louisville International Airport (SDF) or Staniford Airfield (Private Aircraft).

Please Note: All Cars In Our Collection Are Shown By Appointment Only.

Physical Inspections Must Take Place Prior To The Sale of Any Vehicle, by either The Buyer or a Pre-Approved 3rd Party, Before Any Financial Transactions Occur.

For Additional Information Regarding Directions, please contact Classic Investment Cars, at

For Additional Sales Information, please contact our Sales Department, at

Call Classic Investment Cars Direct at 1-(502)-664-1657